Leah T.


leah bannon working at 18f office photo copyright National Public Radio


Leah is a civil servant and product manager at the U.S. Digital Service at the VA, founder of the Tech Lady Hackathons, and a San Franciscan.

Prior to USDS, Leah worked with over a dozen agencies. She helped start 18F (a project inside the federal government at GSA that works with other agencies to deliver efficient, easy-to-use digital services), and led projects like the new foia.gov, where you can more easily file a Freedom of Information Act request to any agency, the Federal Election Commission’s fec.gov redesign and cloud migration, and identity authentication tools for USCIS DACA applications.

Previously, Leah was also a Technology and Democracy Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center and a volunteer leader for Code for America's DC brigade.


These are some things I keep coming back to...

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work & productivity

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