Leah T.


leah bannon working at 18f office photo copyright National Public Radio


Leah is a civil servant and product lead at 18F, organizer of the Tech Lady Hackathons, and a new San Franciscan.

Leah is currently a product lead at 18F, where she leads the betaFEC project, which is building simple tools for exploring campaign finance data, the FEC's first APIs, legal resources, and political registration and reporting guides. Leah recently wrote about her work on this project on the 18F blog: Building better by building together with the Federal Election Commission.

At 18F, Leah also currently serves as an agile coach for other projects, consults with agencies to build APIs with their high-value data sets, supports the 18F diversity working group, and manages an Agile BPA contract. Previously at 18F, Leah worked on FBOpen, the 18F Dashboard, immigration, and the USA Analytics Dashboard.

Leah was born in Washington DC and spent most of her life there, except for a few early years growing up in Texas. She attended Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University.

Prior to 18F, Leah worked as a government consultant from the day she graduated from undergrad, where she increasingly advocated for open data and transparency. Leah co-lead the Code for America volunteer group, Code for DC, until moving to San Francisco.


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